Rental Supplement Request

Rental Supplement Request


The rent supplements are funded by BC Housing and are provided as a flexible, timely option for females, including those with children in their care, who are experiencing homelessness (or are at risk of homelessness) that do not have sufficient funds to either find or maintain housing.

The rent supplements are intended to provide a short-term top-up to rent or provide “bridge” funds that will help house people quickly (or respond prior to an eviction).

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals currently receiving assistance through SAFER or RAP are not eligible

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (must fit each criteria below to qualify)

  • Female
  • Reside in the Kelowna area (Peachland to Lake Country)
  • Homeless or at-risk of homelessness
  • Have an income below the Housing Income Limits for Kelowna
  • Unable to access funding elsewhere (ie. Churches, Family, income assistance crisis grants etc)
  • Plan for post supplement period (to financially maintain housing)
  • Willingness to access support from community agencies where appropriate and  to address barriers to finding and maintaining housing
  • Must fit at least one of the following categories:
  • Victim of Violence
  • Leaving Health Care System
  • Leaving Correctional System
  • Youth at Risk (<25)
  • Identifies as Indigenous


  • One-time crisis
  • Monthly supplements for a short-term period


  • Complete attached rent supplement request (3 pages)
  • Fax/email/or drop off completed form at NOW Canada Society
  • Attach a copy of current rental agreement or intent to rent as well as a 60 day bank statement including complete banking profile
  • NOW Canada will follow-up with referral source within 48 hours of receiving application (or next business day) to confirm eligibility and appropriateness of application


  • If a client’s rent is paid directly from MSD, the referring agent (or client if it is a self-referral) is responsible for all communication with MSD regarding any changes in status of client
  • Rent supplements will ONLY be paid directly to the landlord or vendor via cheque and a receipt is required. If a receipt is not provided, rent supplements will cease.
  • Follow-ups will be conducted with client and/or referring agent to track client progress
  • All relevant information is recorded in a database and reported to BC Housing


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