Thank You Central Okanagan Foundation!!!

January 28, 2021

THANK YOU Central Okanagan Foundation!!

Because of the Central Okanagan Foundation, our Essentials Life Skills program has helped women gain the skills needed to successfully leave a life of addiction and abuse. Last year alone 488 opportunities for daily learning were provided and we saw 64 participants enter our Essentials Life Skills program where they were provided safe housing, one-on-one case planning and a variety of therapies. This is only a small piece of the impact that the Central Okanagan Foundation has been part of over the years. Through their grants, they have been generously supporting our mission for many years and have become an integral part of some our most impacting programs.

Now Canada has experienced some very eventful times over the years, and generous grants awarded from the Central Okanagan Foundation have allowed us to grow substantially and positively impact many lives. The Central Okanagan Foundation has made our Essentials Life Skills program possible through their generosity and we at NOW Canada would like to acknowledge them and offer our biggest THANK YOU!!