April 7, 2021

Happy April!!

This month we would like to highlight an organization in our community that is the definition going above and beyond. If you haven’t been to Cob’s Bread yet, we highly recommend. Not only is their bread amazing, but so are the people behind it. Cob’s Bread has faithfully been donating their delicious bread to the ladies staying in our emergency shelter (AG House) every Thursday for years. The people behind Cob’s Bread not only support NOW Canada with their generosity, but also sixteen other charities!! In fact, since 2003 Cob’s Bread has donated 300 million dollars-worth of product. As if that’s not enough, unlike many organizations during the pandemic, Cob’s Bread has been doing well and in keeping with their values, they are currently helping the community now more than ever and are giving away products to restaurants affected by COVID-19. Organizations like this are inspiring and need to be celebrated! From us at NOW Canada, and everyone else they are helping out, THANK YOU!!!