Essentials Program

Essentials Program


Essentials – comprises of two programs which offer the opportunities needed to leave a life of addiction, abuse and exploitation and work towards physical, social and emotional health.

Essentials – life skills.  A four month, full-time day program which offers instant access to essential life skills sessions.  With just 5 days ‘clean time’ from drug and/or alcohol, participants can start to make positive lifestyle changes, leave behind an unsafe and unhealthy existence and start on the road to recovery.

The curriculum of this abstinence based program covers such topics such as:

  •   Coping and social skills
  •   Boundaries
  •   Personal development
  •   Anger management
  •   Relapse prevention
  •   Healthy relationships
  •   Problem solving
  •   Group equine and yoga therapy
  •   Employability assistance and readiness
  •   Additional presentations, workshops and outings

Essentials – client support.  This runs in tandem with the day program and offers individually planned, one-on-one support to help participants get their lives back on track.

Support includes (but is not limited to):

  • Twice weekly drug screening
  • One-on-one meetings as needed (with a minimum of weekly meetings)
  • Help with Income Assistance applications
  • Referrals for Drug and Alcohol Counsellors
  • Support in meetings with Ministry of Children and Family Development, court and probation
  • Referral to NOW Canada’s Trauma Therapy Program/Healthy Living Program/Follow Care Program and Peer Mentor Program
  • Ongoing support after graduation from Essentials

If you, or someone you know wishes to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes, complete the form below and call NOW Canada on 250 763 3876 to speak to our Program Coordinator.

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